Tuesday, December 18, 2007

*NSYNC - Pop (Dirty Pop)

Oh God, this video really bring back the nostalgic feeling of the boyband era.
I still remember it was the release of this single by *NSYNC that drive me begging
my mom to buy the "Celebrity" album for me.

I mean, what is there to dislike about the song,
catchy chorus, funky beats and nifty dance sequence with awesome effects.

This really put Britney's Gimme More to shame.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Foreigners = Blondies + White @ Black - Asian?

Well, for Pete's sake, does being a foreigner means i have to be
a blondie with angelic good looks and model-esque figures and a sexy appeal?

I've really had it with all the shallow people around me,
who goes all ga-ga over those plastics (it's a word i use for describing those white trash)

So, i'm an Asian, so what?
I don't have a tattoo, or a translucent eyes, so what?
And my hair isn't blond or bleached or colored, so what???!!!!!!

I AM still from some country where i have to burn a huge freaking hole
through my damn pocket just to get a peek of my home!!!!

Those shallow minded bitches and morons,
it was as if they never seen one before! I mean, do they think they get laid by some MEG-HI-KO (that's how they pronounce MEXICO, not MASIKHO,FYI!!) buff dude named
ANTONIO? Or hey, there's also a CHRIS from PA-REE (That's PARIS, pronto!) whom they assume is real good at tongue (That means FRENCH KISS).

Oh Great Mighty God, those primitively minded bitches and morons are seriously crazy.
Who am i not better than they are? Huh?
I mean, yeah, i might be writing this out of jealousy of those liquid brains admiritation towards "FOREIGNERS",
BUT come on, seriously, i'm way better than they are.

ICC - International Cultural (CRAPPY) Camp

I just woke up with an aching and stiff body,
and a pang of anger that i really need to spill it out somewhere.

I was a group leader for this ICC thing ISC organized.
And so, i was required to learn several dance moves,
like the famous Papaya Dance which everyone (literally!) in Philippines know.

And guess what, after all the hard work i've done, humiliation i endured,
the sweat, the embarrassment, when i went on stage to perform with the other 7 leaders, i was push down the stage like an idiot just because they THINK i don't know how to dance.

I mean, think of how humiliated i was, to be ask to get off the stage.
Anyway, the dance thing is just one small portion from my list of dissatisfactions over this crappy event that cost NT500 and worth nothing in terms of the meaning and aim.

I don't even know where to begin with the whole misinterpretation of the "ICC" theme.
I thought if you wanna introduce international cultures to the kids, you're suppose to go international! Instead, even i'm really embarrass to kept explaining to the camp members that this is from Malaysia, that one's from Malaysia, almost everything are from Malaysia.

So why not just call it a, say..."Malaysia Cultural Camp"? (MCC! Oooh...catchy!"

I was required to show up as early as 8 a.m., sure, it might be an easy task for most, since ALL of them have either
1. A scooter
2. Extra cash to spare for cabbie

Me? I have an old rustic bike that torture me so much i'd rather walk than hop on that f***ing piece of metal. And what's more, even if i showed up, at all, what they'll do is shove me aside and treat me as if i'm invisible/non-existence. So what is the point of me showing up at all?

Waste away my time there while i can snuggle in my bed and read a good book or sipping hot cocoa instead? If you want me to be there, make me useful! I swear, i WILL distance myself from the club if this goes on.

I used to think that being with the other oversea students, either from Malaysia or not will give me a sense of "home", but after months of being with them, i found out that being with the Taiwanese are way better than being with them. At least my Taiwanese friends are trying real hard to make me feel "home-y"

Oh well, i guess even if i sue them or whatever, it won't change their attitude.
Just like the day when i join them to the crappy camp at a beach last 6 weeks ago.
All they do is brush me aside as if i'm someone not worthy in their clique.

Friday, December 14, 2007

My List of Best Albums (Year 2007)

Some Updates (Pt. 2: Noel/New Year Edition)

Well, Christmas is drawing near,
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells....
wait, sigh...that means New Year is coming as well,
another year passes by, looking back, the first 3 quarters of my 2007 was...rough.

Most who supports me back in AIMST knew how bad a situation i was in back then.
I was alone, deprived of any real friendship, even the once my best friend, YP
ditched me for the superficially annoying bastard, W.

I'm really glad, that all the patient, hardwork, and traveling back and forth from Penang-KL
paid off well, resulting in me being here, a new start, a fresh start, and a place where i can be,
if not partially, who i am inside without being tease.

Anyway, last weekend, i received a package from LA,
and guess what, it was from the author of the novel The Front Runner,
Patricia Nell Warren herself!!! I mean, OMG, who (by that, i meant authors FYI)
in the world would give away free books, not one, but four, each and every one of them autographed personally, along with a personal note to a mere fan of hers on the other side of the planet far far away?

And i've checked, all her books cost up to a total of USD +/- 100 AND postal fees that cost
more than 75USD! Really, i felt as if i don't deserve it at all. She's been too kind. As for those of you who haven't read that book before, i would recommend it with all my heart, that you should really read it. If you are a schoolmates of mine (meaning here in TCU), i've donated one of my extra copies to the ELL department's mini library.

Drop me a line if you'd like to read it, i'd be happy to borrow it for you.

#Ms. Warren, if you're reading this, thank you so much for giving me those books, you have no idea how much that means to me. It's the best Christmas gift i've ever had.

Anyway, my life lately has been...well, fun, i guess, with all the activities,
camps, etc. Although i'm much prefer to hide in my dorm room, a cup of hot cocoa
(That reminds me, i'm out of MILO, well, i'm pretty much broke, so MILO is a no can do)
and a nice tv show. Samantha Who? anyone?
sigh...with the WGA strike going on, i doubt there'll be another new episode at all for the next few months., at least i haven't watch the second season of HEROES since the 4th episode, so there's plenty of shows left for me to fill the void in between the WGA strike..

Speaking about strike, that reminds me, the rally that has been going on since a few weeks back (?) in Malaysia is disappointing. Why? I expect the people of my home country to behave like sane people instead of crazy bonkers going out to protest whatever, and the Government too, doing all sorts of craps. I'm so over the stupid election and politic thingies, cuz i'm bored lamenting on those matters and even if i DO lament on those matters, it won't help anyway.

Oh, before i forget, does anyone know why my economy seat-MAS ticket cost more than NT35000 (that's RM3500)? I mean, the air fare to London doesn't cost that much... But anyway, just curious since i've already decided to cancel the booking and book a much cheaper one from another company.

Well, pretty much that's about whatever that i had in mind or happen to me lately.
Oh, and i found a cute little puppy which i named it Danny. Will post the picture after i taken em'.

Oh well, Hohoho! Merry Christmas everyone!
And best wishes for the coming year.

Christmas Glitter Graphics

That's all! Once again, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year,
and i got to resume watching SANTA CLAUSE 2:MRS. CLAUSE now. Hehe...
Will probably lie in bed later, listening to Josh Groban's Noel.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Some updates

Last night, i went through my older posts out of extreme boredom,
and was surprise to find that most of them consist of:
1.) Complains & lamentation
2.) Youtube videos.

And it bothers me that it's been a while since the last time i have
the initiatives to post anything at all.

So, lately i've been getting back most of my reports and
test papers, and surprisingly, most of my result turns out better than i expected them
to be, like my literature paper, i actually got a 71, while 95% of my classmates failed.
The only thing i regretted is that i didn't put more effort on the terminology part.

For the past few days,
i've been doing a bunch of volunteering works,
one of them being helping out with the Malaysian Singaporean kids who came here for
a 2 weeks chinese learning camp.
It was fun, but the more time i spend with those kids,
the more i wanna cry, since i missed the familiarity of my home.

I also happened to be the host for a Study abroad campaign,
which i did ok, but i was surprise that i actually have the guts to stand in front of a bunch of people and babbling non-stop.
Like last evening, for example,
i was surprise that i actually went out on the stage in front of an auditorium
to talk on the department i enrolled in and my experience etc, without a thought of
how scared i was.

Well, i guess i found a bit of who i am that i didn't know of
just in a couple days.

The weather for the past week or so have been real cold,
the coldest being last Wednesday and Thursday.
Ah well, nothing really big, just feel like being in a giant air-conditioned space, that's all.

Guess that's all.