Thursday, June 28, 2007


Ok, i bet die hard fans of Smallville should know that the ultra hot
Justin Hartley (did i spell his name correctly?) who plays the equally hot Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
was cast as A.C. Curry/Aquaman in the unreleased pilot of Aquaman.

Ok, sue me again, i downloaded the show from a torrent site, but hey,
if they want me to get it legally, might as well release the DVD or make ITunes available for residents outside the US.

Anyway, i must say, CW (the now defunct WB) was a moron for not picking up the show.
I read somewhere that the show generated so much hype, the cast and producers were positive CW would pick up the show. Alas, they decide againts it.

But luckily, AlGough and Miles Miller (creators of Smallville) love the show so much,
they were determined to release it in some form for the fans, and, guess what, the show became the highest downloaded TV show the week it were released, and was the highest selling tv show that was never been release on tv. Even critics were generally positive.

I bet CW was kicking their own backside now for their dumb-ness.
But sadly, the show won't be resurrect anytime soon as the cast and crews have since moved on.

Sigh... sure wish some channel will pick up the show in the future.
In the mean time, if you're interested, you can view it for free on AOL VIDEO or
just download the show from isohunt using a torrent p2p software.

The Bone Dance

video clip

Ok, this video clip is so freaking funny.
But anyway, the clip was taken from the 4th episode of the 2nd season of Hannah Montana,
Get Down Study-udy-udy.

I mean, if you're a medic/biology student or still clueless over all the different bones in your body, memorize this song. It'll help! Haha!!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The World is sick...

My gramp's home were being robbed today.

And you know what the police said to them when they told them the rober was a malay?
They asked if they get the wrong people, and if they are 101% positive that they are malay and all sorts of crap.

Just weeks ago, my grampa was robbed by a "mat rempit".
I mean, come on, he's just a lemon grass seller.
And he's old and frail.

Gone when the time when you'll feel safe even if you leave every doors and windows open after dawn.

Heroes World Tour: where in the world is…

So, the cast of the hit show "HEROES" is kicking off their world tour, and Singapore is one of the destination! But why not Malaysia??

…Ando?… and DL?… and Candice?…and …and?
This picture was taken yesterday, June 21 2007, at Gower Studios in Hollywood. NBC’s Heroes cast was there to promote the August 28 release of “Heroes: Season 1 DVD” and announce the “Heroes World Tour” sponsored by Nissan.

Who’s missing?…and why?
Since the press conference was to promote the release of Heroes Season One DVD and the World Tour -to promote the DVD -, does it mean every actor present will be in Heroes Season Two?

Mark Medlock

I came across this German singer a couple of days ago through a mp3 sharing site.
Ok, sue me, but he gained a fan! Haha...

Anyway, what i know is that he was born in 1978 in Frankfurt, Germany,
winner of the German version of American Idol which is known as Deutschland sucht den Superstar and was never on the bottom two or three in the show, and gay.
Haha... But that's beside the point.

But anyway, love his debut single, Now Or Never which he sang on the finale, thw song was a huge hit in European countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland and peak on the top 40 of the United World Chart.

Anyway, if you'd like to check out his music (well, basically it
s a compilation of the song he sang on the show), follow this link.

Do check out his debut album - Mr. Lonely.
Most of the songs are pop-R&B-dance stuff.
Sort of like a more dance-y version of Elliot Yamin's self titled debut album.

So it works.

Ok, so i guess the blog 's working...
Anyway, i'm not sure if there's anyone who'd read this,
just in case anyone was wondering who i am,
check out my profile,
or better yet, check out my friendster profile.

It's been 2 and a half years since i last blog.
Well, i wasn't really blogging back then anyway,
just to write trashy stuff of my ex.
Haha... was pretty naive and pissed back then.

So, i guess this is it.
Just a simple blog to express my everyday feelings,
share some news, review on some music/movies/tv shows/books,
my journey traveling abroad to study and how i cope with whatever.

So, thanks anyway for reading,
and many thanks in advance for your future visits.
Any comments/suggestions on making my blog more interesting?
Email me @

I might even do some video/audio podcasts in the near future,
haha...but before that,
i guess i'd have to save up enough $ to replace my old laptop,
buy a recorder...gosh...$$$$$!!

I'll definitely be working on those stuff,
but in the mean time, thank you guys for being here.
Comments/shout out are appreciated.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Two Years Gone...

Ok, it's been 2 years, but seriously, i'm not a tech geek,
and was never able to get any hang on these blog thingie.
But, here it is. Although i'm not sure if there's anyone at all who'd read it.


just downloaded the latest Hannah Montana Soundtrack.

Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus.
Anyway, i guess i added the song Nobody's Perfect on this page...or not.


Anyone out there who's a real expert in blogging??
Help!!! S.O.S