Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I got to admit,
besides Facebook, i have a couple of
personals accounts scattered all over the internet,
ranging from sites such as twitter, friendster,
and the Gay Dating site: Fridae.

Initially, joined the site for only one purpose,
to read the articles pen by one of my favourite author
Mr. O-Young Wen Feng.
But, i kinda roam around the site,
and what do you know, i made some friends there.

Ok, if you really know the real Wyatt,
you'd know that he NEVER (ok, sometimes) compliment
on something on his blog.
I love that site, sure, whats with all the nice people
i got to know there,
but what irks me is that, does everyone HAVE to
post partial nude pictures showing off their muscles or whatever?
Worst, some even post pictures of...*GASP* their
lower body clad in underwear.

Um...ok, i know what you guys thinking
and this issue of me on the nude pics weren't sparked
by jealousy (ok, maybe a little, but i'm proud of my brain, not a empty shell
on a mannequin-perfect body),
but it's kinda offensive, not in the sense of them clad in almost nothing,
but offensive to me, and maybe some people out there
(though i wouldn't really count on that)
who are not shallow, judgemental or anything.
I mean, i don't send message to a person based solely on how
hunky they are, and i ain't looking for
mindless sex, but i got to say, most are.

Thankfully, i've had my share of nice people
whom i enjoy conversing with.

Story of my life,
being gay requires you to put muscles on your body,
just so you'd get people's attention.
And all those stupid gay prides claim that they are promoting
gay rights, with sissy guys clad in speedos and underwears hoarding the streets,
while i, the nerd and outcast in the gay world being treated
as no more than a plank on the street.
Is that really the image you wanna convey to the already
wary-of-gay public??



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