Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Ok, so i've been up to literally nothing lately,
boring boring boring.

Aside from finishing the entire Twilight Saga, including the
online only Midnight Sun, i've started on my book.
Ok, when i say started, i mean i'm writing one.

I still vaguely remember the manuscript i had a few years ago,
finished like 50 pages and kinda lost it.
Sigh...they say shattered dreams.
I'd say my muse bailed on me.
Dang it, what the heck am i muttering here.

So, ok, i've been working on it on and off,
and might pitch it to my professors and some editors,
but i guess chances of it getting publish is...well,
one could only hope.

Besides reading thrashy teen novels,
and writing my book (on and off),
facebook, fridae, gmail and that oh so addictive guilty pleasure
Gossip Girl make up most of my 12 hours here in my
parents' BORING office.

Man, can't wait to get back to school.
Weird, never thought i'd missed school,
throw me back a few years and i will think i lost my mind.


That's about it i guess.
You know you love me,

[I'm being vain, naive and delusional here, probably i'm the only person to read this piece of crap.]

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